Sunday Neurosis

Jiří Pokorný & Radim Vizváry

This is a collaborative project between dancer Jiří Pokorný and mime Radim Vizváry aimed at creating a performance based on experimental work that seeks to find common ground between two different theatrical styles – contemporary dance and modern pantomime. Today, both genres share various principles of technique which reinforce each other. As the performers interact with one another, the two forms merge into one, bringing pantomime into the realm of dance and adding elements of acting to dance.

As thematic inspiration for the piece the artists chose neurosis, one of the main causes and manifestations of personality failure, where individuals fail to cope in society and elementary interpersonal communication is disrupted. The performers examine the causes, manifestations and somatic symptoms of mental illness, characterized primarily by a mental imbalance that causes psychological stress, spiritual angst and emotional distress.To combat neurosis, we must free ourselves from selfish feelings, engage in self-reflection and seek release from feelings of isolation.

Another important dimension is the somewhat ironic perspective both performers share when presenting audiences the existential intimacy and chemistry of human behavior.


Concept and choreography:  Jiří Pokorný, Radim Vizváry

Performers: Jiří Pokorný, Radim Vizváry

Musical collaboration: Davidson Jaconello

Light design: Loes Schakenbos

Costume designer: Carolina Mancuso

Stage tech: Gerard Valdivia Hernandez

Production: Aneta Hladovcová, Janneke van Stroe

Producer: Korzo productions & Nederlands Dans Theater, Den Haag

Co-producer: Mime Prague, Festival TANEC PRAHA

World premiere: 17. 11. 2017, Korzo, Den Haag, Here We Live and Now Festival

Czech premiere: 18. 06. 2018, Divadlo Ponec, Festival TANEC PRAHA


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