Overview of productions featuring Radim Vizváry.

Mime on the Moon

Freedom, solitude, dreaming.

Radim Vizváry, five years after his award-winning performance Sólo, returns to the stage with his new mime creation. The show displays mastery of lyrical pantomime, physical theatre, manipulation of objects and comedy acting.


From classic to contemporary pantomime.

A mosaic of ten pantomime styles through the ages. Pierrot, slapstick, butoh, physical comedy, modern mime theater. This brilliant show received the Thálie Award.


Illusionist pantomime

A metaphorical portrayal of a person who feels like a celebrity. But once the mask is lowered, he cannot shake the creeping specter of loneliness.


Poetic pantomime for the little ones

Childhood fantasy can breathe life into the most ordinary of things, even a piece of paper. Radim Vizváry transforms paper into fantastic scenes from a fairy-tale world while getting the kids in the audience involved.