Overview of productions featuring Radim Vizváry.


From classic to contemporary pantomime.

A mosaic of ten pantomime styles through the ages. Pierrot, slapstick, butoh, physical comedy, modern mime theater. This brilliant show received the Thálie Award.


Illusionist pantomime

A metaphorical portrayal of a person who feels like a celebrity. But once the mask is lowered, he cannot shake the creeping specter of loneliness.


Poetic pantomime for the little ones

Childhood fantasy can breathe life into the most ordinary of things, even a piece of paper. Radim Vizváry transforms paper into fantastic scenes from a fairy-tale world while getting the kids in the audience involved.


An innovative production combining new circus and pantomime

Journey into the sub-conscious mind of a person in a coma after a car accident. Who are the heroes in this story? Doctors, bodily organs, cells or the individual himself? The body may be motionless, but a struggle for life rages inside.


An adventurous show for the whole family

The mime master and his disciples live and breathe the ancient martial art of mimja. Together, they set out on a grand adventure to defeat the evil ruler of darkness. This exciting story of the fight of good against evil is full of acrobatics, mime and humor.


A playful and visually rich production for the very youngest

Take your littlest boys and girls to the theater to discover the world with us. Without a single word, three mimes will take them on a fantastical tour.

re: cabaret

Cabaret at the Bolek Polívka Theater

Sketches and stand-up poke fun at Brno, Moravians and more. There’s a live band on stage and one common theme – a mirror. Radim Vizváry appears as a special guest in two numbers.


A combination of contemporary dance and modern pantomime

A minimalist probe into the depths of the soul fettered by the demands of modern civilization. Not even a Sunday walk is free from the stress of the daily grind.

Prague is burning

Eccentric show

A crazy fashion show based on the famous dance battles in Harlem during the ’80s. The festival after-party is in full swing and sure to charge up the audience.

Homo 40

A provocative mosaic from the world of the gay community

Gays who came out long ago have now at the age of forty discovered Grindr, a dating app, resulting in new experiences and the opportunity to explore the limits of their own dignity.