Radim Vizváry: Mime on the Moon

New solo performance of Radim Vizváry

Freedom, solitude, dreaming.

Radim Vizváry, five years after his award-winning performance Sólo, returns to the stage with his new mime creation. The show displays mastery of lyrical pantomime, physical theatre, manipulation of objects and comedy acting.

Mime on the Moon’s is a one-man show which is both personal and universal layered with gag, self-irony and dark humor. The performance gives an image of a contemporary pantomime, in which Radim Vizváry emphasizes a minimalist set and gesture with clarity. Radim Vizváry pays homage to the traditional mime legends as Deburau, Keaton, Marceau or Hybner and not only restores but further expands this tradition.

…the moon shines overhead. In its light we see the fragile soul of a Pierot, innocent and pure, but the world around is also illuminated, dim at first, but in these shadows we catch glimpses of human weakness, vacillations, vices, and social ills. After all, who is our Pierot today? He is no longer Deburau in a white flamboyant costume, or a mime with a painted tear in his eye. He is a lyricist and a tearjerker, a poet of bodies who tells stories in a timeless language. The full moon attracts him, relieves him of the earth’s weight. And then, the lunar landscape becomes his dream territory for self-discovery, a place without pretense and social mask. Far from everything, he suddenly sees the true state of things, and solitude here becomes a state of mind. Alone, he can finally come face to face with himself.

Premiere: 2. 10. 2023, Švanda theatre in Smíchov, Prague

Concept, directed by, performed by: Radim Vizváry
Co – directed: Trygve Wakenshaw
Set and costume design: David Janošek
Light design: Karel Šimek
Sound design: Ivo Sedláček
Dramaturgical cooperation: Hana Strejčková
Production manager, PR, booking: Ilona Š Hájková
Producer: Mime Prague z.s.

Production supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic

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