Radim Vizváry: VIP


Don’t we all long to be someone very important in life? And sometimes we may be that important person, or appear to be so, and we feel happy and satisfied, at least until loneliness catches up with us again.

This feature-length, tragicomic pantomime of Radim Vizváry tells a complete story in which the creator aims to surpass the boundaries of the genre and present modern pantomime in an original form, both in terms of the perception of its principles and techniques and the stagecraft and visual rendering.

Written, directed and performed by: Radim Vizváry

Music: Ivo Sedláček

Set design:  Petra Vlachynská

Magic: Ondřej Pšenička, Jiří Marek, Damian Odess-Gillett

Light design: Karel Šimek

Production, PR: Ilona Hájková

Producer: Mime Prague z.s.

This performance was financially supported by: Prague City Hall, the Ministry of Culture of the CR, Prague 5 City District.

Premiere: May 11th and 12th, 2018 at Švandovo divadlo in Smíchov.


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