Lukáš Šimon a Anton Eliaš: ROBO ERECTUS



I don’t smoke, don’t drink, don’t get old, don’t require any attention and don’t have any feelings. I am a robot. And a nuclear bomb has changed my life… it’s quiet. Just dust and rubble everywhere in a barren landscape. No signs of life anywhere. The last two survivors are in a robot factory. A long journey awaits them – without emotion, destination or assistance. A journey into a world where they have never been.

A journey full of discovery, exploration… and contemplation. Where should they go if there’s nobody to show them the way? Watch their story unfold in this original movement performance created by Lukáš Šimon and Anton Eliaš.

Directed, written, produced and performed by: Anton Eliaš, Lukáš Šimon

Light design: Karel Šimek

Costumes: Lenka Hotmarová a Tereza Švolíková

Supervision: Radim Vizváry

Acknowledgements: Vojtěch Svoboda, Štefan Capko, Jakub Urban

About Lukáš Šimon… 

Graduate of the Faculty of Pantomime (today the Faculty of Non-Verbal Theater) of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (HAMU). Since 2015 he has worked as a secretary at the Faculty and since 2016 as an instructor of core courses in pantomime and physical mime. He completed a semester-long pantomime internship at Die Etage in Berlin. He is also an instructor of circus disciplines for children and youth atCirqueon andSpolečný den. He performs as a mime at divadlo Image in Prague, is a member of   Mime Prague, Sacra circus, TeatrNovogofronta and is a regular guest performer at the National Theater and at Rockopera Praha. As an instructor he regularly teaches pantomime and circus arts at festivals both at home and abroad.


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