A lively mix of sketches, stand-up, music, pantomime and improvisation sprinkled with some irreverent humor and the mastery of a rare guest. Re: Cabaret will dazzle all of your senses and leave you laughing. You will be enchanted by a playful world of clowns and cabaret atmosphere in this continuously evolving project. This time the central motif is Mirrors.
In this performance, Radim Vizváry appears as a special guest in two sketches: Father and Son and Selfieboy.


Directed by:  Hana Mikolášková, Matěj Randár

Performed by:  Mariana Chmelařová, Michal Chovanec, Pavol Seriš, Miroslav Sýkora, Jan Šprynar a Radim Vizváry

Music: live band

Light-design: Michal Fridrich

Production: Divadlo Bolka Polívky

Premiere: 18. 12. 2019, Divadlo Bolka Polívky


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