Water. Fire, Earth. Air. Plants. Animals. People. But how does it all fit together? Finding one’s bearings in the world around us is hard enough for adults, never mind for the youngest among us! What happens when rain falls from a cloud and plants grow together, or a stork, a frog and chameleon all meet? These and many other observations are playfully portrayed through movement without words by three mimes, including Radim Vizváry, who also directed Look, The World!
This performance is suitable for children aged 4 and up.


Directed by:  Radim Vizváry

Performed by:  Valéria Daňhová, Jakub Urban/Matěj Petrák, Radim Vizváry/Anton Eliáš

Music: Matěj Kroupa

Set design: Lucie Škandíková

Production: Divadlo Minor

Premiere: 16. 5. 2017, Divadlo Minor


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