Homo 40

The generation that came out of the closet years ago is now grappling with confessions from the Prague LGBT community, which is sometimes able to be just as inhospitable as the rest of society. Which obstacles are actually erected by others and which simply come from our own minds? This satirical performance about gays over 40 takes no prisoners and shines light on skeletons that would still rather crawl back into the closets that have been opened. The author of the text and director is Daniel Špinar, who has loosely based the staging on his writing debut HOMO’06.


Directed by:   Daniel Špinar

Performed by:  Michal Kern, Tomáš Kobr, Radim Vizváry

Costumer design: Linda Boráros

Production: Divadlo Letí

Premiere: 21. 1. 2020, Vila Štvanice


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