physical theatre

world premiere 4.8. 2018, 18:00 Velký šanc

WATER FALLS is a physical street theatre show. It is also the irrefutable proof that we are doomed to comprehend each other, to listen to each other, or to kill each other. Still, the tragedy can get comical, and this humorous approach will help you better look at the true source of human conflicts, whose origins could unveil as completely senseless.

Duo will be world premiered in the festival Comedians in the street as an international collaboration of Czech theatre group Mime Prague, Spanish La Mecànica and residential support of the city Tábor. It is a unique occasion to see the high level of international physical theatre in this beautiful Czech city.

Concept: Pau Bachero

Directed by and dramaturgy: Radim Vizváry

Performers: Pau Bachero, Mon Joan Tiquat

Music: Mon Joan Tiquat

Visual concept:  Pau Auli

Movement assistant: Marta Gorchs

Production: Jenny Vila, Victoria Kersul, Ilona Hájková

World premiere: 4.8. 2018, 18:00 Velký šanc.


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